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Institutional TV for Institutional Investors

Union Investment early on claimed the subject of risk management. Through serious journalistic formats presented on its own video platform the investment company delivers the perfect information for institutional investors.

Risk management is a topic that the world of finance has been increasingly focused on ever since the financial crisis of 2008. Union Investment proved to be a pioneer. For more than a decade the cooperative investment company has focused on this topic. An integral component in the media mix regarding risk management is the company’s own web video platform “Institutional-TV“. It is here that Union Investment posts interviews, portraits, and articles for its institutional investors.

Profilwerkstatt takes care of the entire production of the videos on Institutional-TV, including research and post production with shoots in and outside of Germany. For Institutional-TV the House of Content Experts develops journalistic formats without the negative connotation of marketing. Interviews with outstanding experts in science and policy can therefore run longer than the usual three minutes.

In concert with the print publication InvestmentProfessionell and the yearly coverage of the risk management conference, Union Investment, with the support of Profilwerkstatt, has taken a strong position in the public discourse on the active risk management within asset management.

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