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Short Profile

We are analog experts, we are digital experts, we are owner-managed.

Profilwerkstatt, employing more than 6 people in Germany, is among the top 10 agencies for corporate publishing and content marketing. For more than 25 years we have focused on storytelling. Because people – whether it’s B2C or B2B – make their choices for or against a company and their products based on good content that’s relevant to them. Facts justify, but do not cause, a decision to be made.

Key Facts
Martina Keller and Ralf Ansorge

Content as Core Expertise

October 1994. We sat on a couch, a thesaurus and a synonym dictionary on our knees. “En Face!“ What’s that supposed to mean? “Well, forward-facing, so to speak.“ “We’re not facing backwards, haha!“ “Profile!“ “Yeah, what else?“ “Or text workshop.“ “Nah, we already used that name for our garage shop before.“ “Profilwerkstatt? (Profile workshop)?“

Looking back, this was a good idea. Profilwerkstatt very quickly worked on more than “just text.“ Seeing stories, finding stories, selling stories – that was the beginning. We were an external editorial department for “Darmstädter Echo“ and “Frankfurter Rundschau,“ drove around for “dpa“ and wrote for “taz.“

And then: coming in touch with a customer magazine for the first time. We were passionate journalists – and we realized that we had discovered a new field for us. Then came the first Mac and with it the first layout. And the first big magazine. Jumping into PR was just a matter of time: we knew the other side of the desk. We knew what PR had to look like to be published. And how it had to be interconnected with corporate publishing so it became seamless and successful communication.

Two decades after the two-men-woman-couch the Profilwerkstatt is a successful and multifaceted communication agency with renowned clients. And with many wonderful employees. We are growing with them, and through them we have every important expertise covered in our house. We are convinced that content, as our core expertise, has to be discovered, developed, and refined in house by our own employees. This is how we best equip all important communication channels for our clients, online and offline. Our clients trust us because we are passionate about telling stories. Because behind every piece of information, we suspect there to be more, search for it and find it. Because we know that behind every service, every product – may it be ever more complex – there is a story to be told.

Today, we’re as enthusiastic about telling these stories as ever before. In this sense we have remained journalists at our core.

Martina Keller and Ralf Ansorge


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