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Client AirPlus International
Year 2013
Sector Business-Travel-Management
Tags Corporate Video

Corporate Video “Mobile Payment“

Paying for your taxi, opening your hotel room door, checking in for your flight at the airport: using the mobile payment solutions of AirPlus the world fits into a smartphone. Lively imagery in a spot give users an understanding of the abstract processes of mobile payment.

A taxi pulls up, a woman in business attire sits in the passenger seat. The taxi driver pulls out his smartphone and shows the woman the taxi fare. She also pulls out her smartphone and swipes with her finger across the display. A blue ray of light crosses from one smartphone to the other. The taxi fare has been paid.


This product spot for the Lufthansa subsidiary AirPlus, a provider of solutions for business travel management, had to unite two aspects: complex technical processes and interesting imagery. A balancing act between aesthetics and product oriented communication. The advantages of AirPlus’s mobile payment solutions compressed into 1 minute and 30 seconds of film. Profilwerkstatt attended to this project from the first brilliant idea to a casting round, shooting, and post production.


The audience follows the protagonist on her journey: into the coffee bar, to her rental car, to the airport, into her hotel room. Everywhere she goes, she’s able to pay cash-free on her smartphone, to save her itinerary or open the doors of her rental car. Text, added dynamically to moving objects in the film, explains the details of each payment, particle animation visualizes the payment process. Technically abstract processes imbedded in an enthralling imagery – a successful balancing act.


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