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Client Intelligent Views
Year 2014
Sector IT
Tags Usability
Content Strategy

Microsite for the Release of k-infinity

k-infinity is a software for visualizing semantic databases. For the release of the beta version at a symposium Profilwerkstatt developed a microsite with an interactive concept.

“The database that works like people think.“ The House of Content Experts came up with this sentence to break down the complex theme “visualizing semantic databases.“ Still, there was a long road to this sentence with a tight schedule. Conception, production, and development at lightning speed.

Within in a swift timeframe of six weeks a microsite was to be built – with conception, screen design, text, video production and animated elements. To manage this, client and agency had to act in concert.

The basis was a content workshop where Profilwerkstatt’s conceptors could deal with all relevant questions: Who do we want to appeal to? Why should the target audience purchase k-infinity? What makes the software unique? And, most of all: how does it work? The end product is a minimalistic scrollytelling site explaining the main selling points of the software while familiarizing the user directly with the interface of the software. In addressing the audience Profilwerkstatt forewent any plump benefit communication. Instead, we let k-infinity speak for itself. Even with the tight schedule there was still room for usability tests during this process. There just had to be time for that.

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