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Client Stampin‘ Up!
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Content Strategy

International Content Strategy and Community Management

First they were talking about them, now they are talking with them. Profilwerkstatt backed Stampin’ Up! when they were building an active handicraft community on facebook and Pinterest while efficiently interconnecting print, online, and video.

On facebook, Pinterest and on blogs – handicraft enthusiasts on the web have been talking about Stampin‘ Up! for years. In mid 2013 Stampin’ Up! joined the conversation. Profilwerkstatt backed the U.S. based company with subsidiaries in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Austria, and Germany when it joined the social web. Classic PR was enhanced by the social factor, images were shared on Pinterest, and corporate video was integrated in new channels and got new stimulus.

School enrollment in spring, garden parties in the summer, thanksgiving in the fall, and creative Christmas decorations in winter – the world of handicraft continuously evolved around new topics. Identifying these topics and breaking them down to concrete campaigns as well as individual posts was the aim of this cross-channel content strategy.

What channels are appropriate for a topic? Do videos offer an added value? What content works on Pinterest? Our strategists found an answer to all of these questions – and not just in theory. Implementing the content strategy, Stampin’ Up! also counted on Profilwerkstatt’s expertise. After a successful kick-off in German-speaking countries, the Netherlands and France followed in 2014. The house of content experts stood by Stampin’ Up! with advise, action, and experienced community managers – in German, Dutch, and French.

Success was soon to come: If a product was discussed a lot on the social web, the demand at Stampin’ Up! grew significantly. After just a few weeks more than 1,500 handicraft enthusiasts gathered on the facebook page for Germany and Austria, the Pinterest channel has more than 2,000 followers. The handicraft community is still talking about Stampin’ Up! – but it is increasingly talking with the company.

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