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Consultant Know-how on a Monthly Basis

For more than ten years Union Investment in concert with Profilwerkstatt has been informing bank consultants about trends and topics in the world of finance through the magazine “InvestmentKonzept.“

According to a survey by Forsa in 2011 the world of finance is too complex for most Germans – every other respondent feels insufficiently informed. Union Investment knows about this problem and for more than ten years the investment company has been doing something about it. With “InvestmentKonzept“ Union Investment imparts the complexity of the finance sector in a relatable fashion and makes the knowhow for good consulting available to its consultants.

Best of Corporate Publishing Award 2014

The focus remains on the core business of Union Investment: the sale of unit trust funds. What’s happening in the investment business? What’s moving the markets? What product solutions are available and how do I sell them? What laws and regulations do I have to keep while consulting clients? The House of Content Experts is in charge of all stages of creating the magazine: editing, fine tuning, and production. And it gets rewarded for it. Reader surveys continue to give “InvestmentKonzept“ very good grades. In 2014, together with the entire InvestmentMedia family, it received the BCP award in gold for its efficiency.

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