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A+ – The Magazine for Travel Managers

Manager magazine meets travel magazine. A+ communicates know-how for travel managers and business travel executives who want to give their employees all relevant information for their business trip. 

How to balance travel expenses, manage events economically, not committing a blunder during a Chinese business lunch – A+ gives travel managers and business travelers an overview of all relevant subjects of their sector and is the perfect blend of a manager and a travel magazine. It offers a mix of useful case studies, unusual travel management approaches, builds a bridge to science and gives a lot of answers. For instance, why women travel differently than men do. Profilwerkstatt, in cooperation with AirPlus, is mainly focusing on high quality journalistic formats.

For almost ten years, Profilwerkstatt has been producing this magazine bi-annually all the while taking care of the entire editorial process, layout, cover shootings, as well as printing and shipping. In a cross-medial approach the different topics are also edited for different e-mail newsletters – individually tailored to the wishes and needs of different target audiences.

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